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Distracted Drivers Awareness Month 2020

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It may come as a surprise to you that both distracted driving and driving while intoxicated are some of the top reasons people seek out an Arizona DUI injury lawyer. With people getting injured all the time by drunk or distracted drivers, it’s important to know the signs to look for to discover a distracted driver. 

As the majority of accidents caused in Arizona are due to alcohol or distraction, our team of lawyers has a wealth of experience when it comes to representing these types of cases. But what is it that makes everyone so distracted behind the wheel or even decide to drive? With distracted drivers awareness month being in October 2020, we explore both distracted and drunk drivers and the penalties they’ll face if they are found guilty of causing accidents.

The injury attorneys at Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm near you have significant experience in helping clients who have been in an accident caused by a distracted driver.  Our offices are conveniently located in nearby Chandler, Peoria, and North Phoenix, and we can meet in-person at our nearby offices, over the phone, or video call.  You can contact us for a free consultation, or read on to find out more.

By the way, we will also help with other problems that have cost you sleep, like getting a rental car very soon and finding a nearby doctor who can help you. Even the best legal team isn’t good enough if your quality of life isn’t sustainable while justice and compensation are on the way. The whole point of legal action is to regain quality of life, so we help you long-term as attorneys and short-term as your go-to people. Our familiarity with the local Phoenix courts makes us confident that we can help you get the best settlement possible.

Distracted Drivers on the roads of Arizona

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, during the average day in Arizona, there are 700 accidents caused by distracted drivers– sounds like a lot! But we’ve probably all been there-you’re driving along and your phone starts ringing, you receive a message or even start to lose your way and need a map, so you reach for your phone. The second you do pick up your mobile phone, you’ve become a distracted driver. It’s not just mobiles either, many parents are easily distracted by their children or even passengers in the car can become an unwanted distraction to someone who is driving.

Distracted drivers often swerve or drift into the road or curb and tend to fluctuate their speed as they drift into concentration again, indicating they’re simply not paying close enough attention to driving.  We’ve previously covered the top signs to look for in our handy guide for spotting distracted drivers and how to best avoid them.

Whilst there are many factors that could cause distraction when driving, the law in our state will work hard to find the cause of your accident and that could include checking the precise time your phone was last used. Distracted driving in Arizona is now being considered as seriously as drink-driving, as the courts process an increasing number of cases every year.

Why drink-drivers are similar to distracted drivers

Again, as with distracted driving, drink driving accidents happen as many people believe having a few drinks before driving won’t impact their decision-making or concentration levels but, tragically, they’re often wrong. Whilst drunk-drivers are still more likely to cause accidents and easier to prove via breath testing, their lack of concentration is highly comparable to someone who is distracted by their phone or passengers. 

Why not take part in distracted drivers awareness month for October 2020 and take the pledge to help reduce preventable car accidents across our state. Keeping a clear mind when behind the wheel could save you a whole lot of hassle and will get you from A to B, accident-free.

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