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Essure Birth Control Recall

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Why is Essure implant recalled? Essure is a type of birth control/ female sterilization that is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. The product consists of metal coils that are placed into each fallopian tube, inducing blockage and fibrosis. The product was advertised as a permanent sterilization method and acted as an alternative to tubal ligation.  

Although adopted by many patients, reports of serious side effects over time persisted, including extreme pain, developing holes within the uterus or fallopian tube, and device movement that caused further problems. As such, the device has been withdrawn from sale, although the company maintains it was a commercial rather than safety decision. 

There are ongoing lawsuits over the consequences of the device. 

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When Was Essure Recalled?   

Essure first went on the market in 2002, and around 750,000 women have used the device across the world. However, since 2013, the volume of complaints from users regarding side effects and other problems began to rise significantly. Essure was first taken off the market outside the USA in 2017, and was taken off the market in the US in January of 2019.   

What Was the Problem with Essure Birth Control?   

During initial trials, around 4% of users experienced problems of product expulsion or misplacement, but as the device became more widely used the incidents of side effects and other problems grew rapidly. 

These issues included severe and ongoing pain, especially in the abdominal region, menstrual irregularities, bleeding, headaches, device migration or breakage, ectopic pregnancies, fallopian tube, uterus and colon perforation and more. 

Why Did Essure Get Recalled?   

Since its approval, Essure has been the subject of over 25,000 adverse reactions, with at least 40 related deaths reported to the FDA. This includes 8 adult deaths, 20 miscarriages and 4 reports of infant death. Current studies estimate the number of fetal deaths at over 300. 

The manufacturer, Bayer, claim that they withdrew the product for commercial reasons, citing falling sales and ‘Inaccurate and misleading publicity’. 

How Do I Know If I Can File an Essure Lawsuit?   

If you have had the Essure device implanted, and experienced adverse side effects such as those described, including bleeding, device movement, perforation of the fallopian tube, uterus or colon, and so on, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Bayer. 

Although Essure has been recalled,  it may be too late for many of the people who used the device. People who had complications due to the Essure product deserve justice, and the attorneys at Phoenix Injury and Accident Law Firm near you are here to help you achieve it. 

What Can You Recover From an Essure Lawsuit?  

Those who file a lawsuit and are awarded a settlement may recover the cost of the medical bills incurred during treatment. In addition, they may recover lost earnings from being unable to work, emotional damages, pain and suffering, and other financial costs that have been incurred. 

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help 

A lawyer can help establish if you have a case against Bayer for costs and damages and bring that action to court on your behalf.  

If you’ve suffered from negative side effects from Essure, Phoenix Accident and Injury Law Firm in your area can help you seek compensation. We work on a contingency basis; we don’t get paid unless you get paid. When you’re ready to move forward with your claim, please contact our office, conveniently located in your area 

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