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Illegal Left Turn Accidents

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Some of the leading causes of accidents, like running a stop sign, improperly turning, failing to yield, or disregarding a traffic signal can cause illegal left turn accidents. In Arizona alone in 2018, there were 32,973 recorded cases of the violations listed above. While all of them did not result in left turn accidents, each time one of those violations are committed, it increases the chance for a left turn accident.  

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What Is An Illegal Left Turn Crash?  

The Highways Traffic law states that an illegal left turn is when the driver fails to stop at an intersection and makes a left turn, potentially into oncoming traffic, without stopping at either the signal or intersection. If you’re turning left at a junction, you must always give way to the oncoming traffic unless there are signs that state otherwise. 

How Common Are Left Turn Accidents? 

In 2018, 17,857 illegal left-turn accidents were recorded in Arizona, which accounted for 16% of all crashes for that year. Illegal left turn accidents are common, and can lead to injury or personal property damage. 

Who Is At Fault in a Left Turn Accident? 

When an illegal left turn accident occurs, usually the driver making the left turn is at fault. According to Arizona law, drivers making a left turn are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to make sure the road is clear of oncoming traffic. Drivers turning left do not have the right of way, unless indicated otherwise by road signs, so they must check traffic to make sure they have enough time to turn without hitting any other vehicles. However, there are some circumstances that the driver turning left may not be at fault. 

  • Red Light RunnerIf the driver making the left turn has right of way determined by a left turn traffic signal, and the opposing traffic has a red light. If the vehicle that has the red light goes anyway, and causes an accident where either they hit the left-turn maker or vice versa, the vehicle that ran the red light is at fault.  
  • Speeding: In Arizona in 2018, speeding caused 42,652 accidents. If a car was speeding and crashed into the turning vehicle, the speeding vehicle can either share fault or be determined at fault for the accident.  
  • Driving Under the InfluenceIf a driver is behaving erratically because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and hits a vehicle turning left, they will be considered at fault.  
  • Distracted DrivingIf a driver is distracted and continues through an intersection while another driver is mid-turn, causing the two vehicles to collide, the distracted driver may be liable.  

What Causes Left Turn Accidents? 

There are many causes of illegal left turn accidents. Here’s a list of some of the most common.  

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