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Immanuel Campus Of Care

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Immanuel Campus Of Care

11301 North 99th Avenue
Peoria, AZ 85345


Overall Rating
Much Below Average

Health Inspection Rating
Much Below Average

Reasons for Citations or Poor Rating

Failed to ensure that services provided resident for a change in condition that included mental status change and respiratory distress met professional standards of quality.
Failed to ensure that resident with aggressive behaviors was provided adequate supervision to prevent the resident from behaving in a physically aggressive towards another resident.
Failed to ensure one resident was free from physical abuse by one resident.
Failed to ensure resident was free from misappropriation of the resident’s property.
Failed to implement their abuse policy for an allegation of misappropriation of property for one resident, an allegation of abuse.
Failed to ensure an allegation of abuse, an allegation of misappropriation of property were reported to the State Agency (SA) and Adult Protective Services (APS) within the required timeframe.
Failed to failed to have evidence that an allegation of abuse, and of misappropriation of property was thoroughly investigated and reported to the State Agency within 5 working days.
Failed to incorporate PASRR (preadmission screening and resident review) level II recommendations into resident assessment and care planning.
Failed to ensure a summary of the baseline care plan for resident was provided.
Failed to ensure comprehensive person-centered care plan was developed regarding the use of a supra-pubic catheter and an ostomy.
Failed to ensure residents are diagnosed accordingly.
Failed to ensure resident’s clinical record contained determination documentation by the physician regarding use of an anti-psychotic medication.
Failed to ensure resident was free of unnecessary drugs, by failed to ensure pain medications were administered as ordered by the physician.
Failed to ensure resident was free from an unnecessary medication and as needed.
Failed to ensure resident’s representative was immediately informed of a significant change in condition.
Fire Safety Inspectors determined that the building had Service Deficiencies, Smoke Deficiencies; Electrical Deficiencies; Emergency Plans and Fire Drills Deficiencies; Illumination and Emergency Power Deficiencies.

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