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Rib and Chest Pain After a Car Accident

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Many people experience rib and chest pain after a car accident. While you may think that rib and chest pain is “natural” following a car accident- after all, your seatbelt is keeping you secure and that pressure needs to go somewhere- rib and chest pain after a car accident can often be more serious than people think.  

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Why Do People Experience Chest Pain After A Car Accident? 

Many people report rib and chest pain after a car accident. This can be from something as minor as the seatbelt restraining you or the airbag opening. Or, it can come from slamming into the door, dashboard, or steering wheel during impact.  

What Are the Common Types of Chest Pain? 

Your chest pain after a car accident can be one or more of quite a few things. The types of chest pain range from minor to major.  

  • Muscle Strain: This occurs because during impact your muscles can stretch too far, or even tear. This is not as serious as other chest pains; however, it can cause severe pain.  
  • Bruised Ribs: While many types of bruises are associated with car accidents, the ribs and sternum are some of the most commonly bruised body parts. They can be bruised as a result of hitting the steering wheel, being restricted by the seatbelt, or the airbags opening. This may cause chest pain, tightness, or discomfort.  
  • Fractured Ribs: While the skin over your ribs may be bruised, often, ribs are often fractured. This can occur when you hit the steering wheel or dashboard, or when the airbag opens. Fractured ribs can cause sharp and excruciating pain in your chest.  
  • Internal Organ Injuries: When damaged, essential organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, heart, or lungs, can cause chest pain. Each of these have extreme and life-threatening complications.  
  • Heart Attack: Any stressful situation or traumatic event, like a car accident, can trigger a heart attack in an otherwise healthy person. This may happen immediately after, during, or soon after the crash. Often, people mistake a heart attack for chest pain.  

What Are the Symptoms of Chest Pain? 

In addition to actually having chest or rib pain, you may experience other symptoms that could indicate a more serious problem with your chest or ribs. They include:  

  • Shortness of Breath/ Trouble Breathing 
  • Difficulty Swallowing 
  • Wheezing When You Breathe  
  • Tenderness Around the Affected Area 
  • Numbness or Tingling in Arms 
  • Pain that Worsens with Movement 
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Asymmetrical Chest Expansion 
  • Bruised Area that Gets Bigger as Time Passes (Hematoma) 

What to Do if You Have A Chest or Rib Injury? 

Apart from seeing a doctor, the best thing to do for chest and rib injuries is rest. Even gentle stretching may damage your ribs and chest further. Come up with a personalized treatment plan with your doctor, depending on the type of injury you have.  

How Long Does Chest Pain Last After A Car Accident? 

The recovery period of chest pain after a car accident will vary based on the type and severity of your injury. Generally, the pain will be the worst in the first 24- 48 hours after the initial accident, and hopefully start to lessen after approximately 72 hours. However, this will vary based on the type of injury. It is best to see your doctor, and they will give you a more accurate idea of recovery expectations. While abrasions and soft tissue injuries heal quickly, broken bones and sprains will take longer to heal.  
Women with chest pain on ground with medic helping

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